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Name: Genetic, Thyroid, Gluten Tests download as spreadsheet

Test note date date date date comments
TSHscreening Thyroid test     
%increase or dec from prior yearcalculate, consider graph     
Free T4accurate measure of T4     
Free T3accurate measure of T3     
FT4-calculatedold way to compute T4     
T3RUold way to compute T3     
anti-microsomal Abhashimotos     
thyroid peroxidase Abgrave's     
Gliadin IgAgluten sensitivity     
Gliadin IgG      
transglutaminase IgA      
endomysial IgA      
reticulin IgA      
reticulin IgG      
Fecal anti gliadin IgAmay be more sensitive     
fecal transglutaminase IgA      
fecal fat      
HLA-DQ2gene for gluten sensitivity     
HLA-DQ8gene for gluten sensitivity     
HLA-DQ1lesser gene for this     
Familial Amyloid- TTRgenetic amyloid     
CMT screencharcot-marie-tooth     
neurofilament NFL      
HNPP-PMP22 DNA sequencingpressure palsies     
HNPP-PMP22 deletion/addition      

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